TDX-2: ‘Raven’ Sci-Fi Helmet/ VR Player Avatar

'Raven' Sci-Fi Helmet/ VR Player Avatar design for TDX-2. The first of a series of sci-fi helmets for use as VR player heads/avatars for TDX-2, the vr tower defence game I'm working on.Model created and rendered with Blender. A lot of bezier curves were used to model the helmet's geometry around and a NURBS surface... Continue Reading →

TDX-2: New Player Base Models (ScreenShot)

New player base models for TDX-2 in three different levels. Modelled, UV mapped and baked ambient occlusion textures with Blender.As you can see in the background I've also been working on the red and black (evil) enemy base towers, the VR room/environments and the game maps/terrains, more on that later..

Unity VFX-Graph Snow Globe Experiment Snow globe particle system created with Unity  Visual Effect Graph. It uses inner sphere collision, scrolling turbulence, randomly rotating gravity force and mass relative to particle size. Screenshot from the VFX-Graph (for recreational purpose), or you can download the graph from here:

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