Acrylic-painting “Quantum Reactor” 2015

Quantum Reactor, 2015 by Tim Coster

Quantum Reactor 2015 by Tim Coster

“Quantum Reactor”, 2015.

Acrylics on canvas, 80 x 120cm.
(For sale)

Inspired by the shape of fusion reactors and the collision of particles in a particle accelerator. Balanced over the course of a few years and built like a house of cards that will of course never fall down.
Important to me was maintaining the equilibrium of red, yellow, blue and grey tones, while not being rigid and to trick the mind into thinking that there is real depth by using strong tonal suggestions.
I do not want the viewers to have to ’imagine’ that there is depth but serve them a persistent illusion that cannot be not-seen.
I can’t deny that i have never thought of doing a Mondriaan style work and yes the colors may be seen as Mondriaan-ish, but to me it was the challenge of using the colors that are, the purest, most far away from each other in the color cirkel and to use those for this work. That inspired me and brought me to this result.


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