Basic Keyboard Shortcuts (Photoshop)

On this page you can find a (condensed) list of basic Photoshop keyboard shortcuts that are very useful to know right from the start, when you’re new to working with Photoshop.

For a full list of all the available keyboard shortcuts visit the official Adobe documentation website in English:
Or Dutch:


Ctrl+Z Undo/Redo
(One step back/forward only)
Ctrl+Alt+ZStep backward
(Use this to go multiple steps backward)
Ctrl+Shift+Z Step forward
(Use this to go multiple steps forward)


Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste


Ctrl+T Free Transform
(Scale, Rotate, and Move. After transformation use Enter to confirm or Esc to cancel.)

Zooming in/-out

Ctrl++ (plus) Zoom in
Ctrl+ (minus) Zoom out
Alt+Mouse scroll-wheel Zoom in/out
Ctrl+0 (zero) Fit on screen/ reset view
Spacebar+Left mouseHand tool panning
(For when zoomed in)

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