Basic Keyboard Shortcuts (Photoshop)

On this page you can find a (condensed) list of basic Photoshop keyboard shortcuts that are very useful to know right from the start, when you're new to working with Photoshop. For a full list of all the available keyboard shortcuts visit the official Adobe documentation website in English: Dutch: Undo/Redo Ctrl+Z Undo/Redo (One... Continue Reading →

Unity ShaderGraph Procedural Skybox (Tutorial)

Unity ShaderGraph Procedural Skybox (Tutorial) Create the sun and the sky,And the stars and the clouds,Add them all up,And turn day into night 0.Introduction Turns's surprisingly easy to start creating your own custom skybox shaders with Unity + ShaderGraph... In this tutorial we'll build up a fully customisable skybox by creating functions in ShaderGraph... Continue Reading →

Making Blender Unity Friendly

  This post is mostly intended for Unity developers that also use Blender but even if you don't use Unity, these Blender settings may be useful to you. If you work with Unity and Blender at the same time, it can be very confusing and frustrating if, for instance, the camera controls and the UI... Continue Reading →

MonoDevelop Keyboard Shortcuts

For those who develop games with Unity and who want to be more efficient at typing their code in MonoDevelop, here are some handy keyboard shortcuts that I find useful. If there are any important shortcuts that you know that aren't on here, please let me know in the comments. Keyboard Shortcuts Automatically change a variable... Continue Reading →

Middle mouse button pan with Illustrator

If you use 3D applications or game engines like Blender and Unity etc., you may have gotten used to the fact that those applications usually let you pan your view around with the middle mouse button. Illustrator does not let you do this by default, in fact, Illustrator doesn't use the middle mouse button at... Continue Reading →

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