Unity3D Simplex Noise-field Experiment “Sea of Cubes” 2014

Unity3D Simplex Noise-field Experiment
“Sea of Cubes”, Nov 2014.

About a year ago I started learning the Unity3D game engine program and the programming language C#(see sharp). With the aim of creating a video game for mobile phones. I’m going to show more about that game later on, when it’s more finished.
As part of the game i thought it would be interesting to take advantage of noise data, the same technique which is used for the game Minecraft. The nice thing about noise is that you can use it to generate for example, endless mountainous landscapes. By playing with the variables of the noise, for example with the scale, you can also get a wide variety of shapes and patterns in those mountains. Which i will show in another video later.
For this experiment, I replaced the y-axis data of all cubes for the data derived from the noise field.
By letting the script ‘look’ to a different place in the noise field every frame I was able to animate¬†the noise, making it similar to waves/water.
I apologize for the poor quality of the video, to make this video on my old computer, I had to use a screenshot script instead of using screen-recording, which is rather cumbersome.
For those interested in using this technique, i have uploaded a very simple demo unity package that’s available for¬†download, see the link under the video on Youtube.


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