W.I.P. Digital Drawing “Tunnelvision/DualLandscape2”


Tunnelvision/DualLandscape2, 2015

I’m still working on this and a couple of other pictures, that all have to do with my tunnelvision(s).
After 13 years of drawing i can’t help but getting more and more perfectionistic so it’s hard for me to finish works.
I have spent much longer on this and the other images then planned (and much longer then society wants me to work on something) so i thought i really needed to show this today.
Anyway, I could really use your comments or thoughts on this picture! I will show the other works in the next couple of days.


  1. I can’t wait to see the finished piece! I’m still a little iffy about digital painting (I tried it ages ago but missed the tactile element of good old-fashioned tools!). I really feel the movement here…and it’s difficult to critique a work over the net! Best is face to face so I’ll just wait to see what you do with it :).

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    • Thanks Ghadah! It’s really good to know that you feel the movement too and that it’s not only my imagination.:) I want to make the whole image feel like it’s far away from the viewer so the black borders are going to be a bit wider probably. I waited a long time before i bought a drawing tablet because i wanted to study traditional methods first. But it helps to have a good large tablet, mine is A4, so it feels more real. It would be nice though if there existed a impasto oil-paint printer:)


      • Yes I was thinking that earlier today: maybe a 3D printer to get all the brushstrokes. I can cut my fingers on some of my paintings haha!!


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