Mobile Tank Game (W.I.P) Screenshot 3: Total Loss

A process screenshot of the game-over screen from my mobile tank game project: Tankmanious (working title). 

The scoring system

On this screenshot you see the game over screen and the game’s scoring system. The total score of the player is based on firing accuracy, remaining health and the total kills. I later added a system for unlocking bronze, silver or a gold medal on each map based on the total score, so if the player wants to earn a gold medal he or she has to get a perfect score!

What you don’t see on the screenshot (because it’s not a video) is that each score counts up rapidly from zero to the player’s score to give that satisfying feeling that a higher score takes a longer time to process.

I also added blur and vignette filters to the camera that are enabled on game-over in order to make the background less distracting for the GUI text.

More later!





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