Mobile Tank Game (W.I.P) Screenshot 2

One of the first ‘on stage’ process screenshots from my mobile tank game project: Tankmanious (working title). 


In the previous post I showed a screenshot from the Unity scene view (‘behind the scenes’) of Tankmanious, so the part that the player never get’s to see. On this screenshot you see the Game view from Unity (‘on stage’), so what the player actually sees during the game.

One of the gameplay features of the game is that bullets can bounce off walls, making it possible for the player to shoot around corners. On normal walls the bullets will only bounce off one time and explode on the second collision. On the destructible ‘BreakOut’ blocks the bullets will keep bouncing around until they hit another wall, creating some nice unpredictability and chaos!

This screenshot also shows the player and enemy tanks with a working spline-based tank track system that I developed but later removed for the sake of a higher frame-rate. More on that later!


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