Introducing New NFT Collection : Symbolic Resonance

Hey all!

I want to introduce you all to a new NFT collection that I’ve started titled ‘Symbolic Resonance’:

The collection is about my relation and associations that I have with certain symbols and characters, specifically characters that are either from the alphabet,  certain numbers that I feel are important to me and characters from the UniCode and the less well known Linear A character sets. Some of the symbols are personal creations and some are directly taken from existing fonts.
All of the artworks that are in the collection are a combination of characters and digitally but hand drawn backgrounds or ‘surroundings’.

Let me know what you think or don’t think in the comments,.. Cuz I’m always afraid that people don’t like my stuff.. 😐

Anyway,..I hope you find them as pleasing and restful for the weary eyes as I do and I hope you’ll consider favouriting and/or buying on of them (only seven are available of each) so I can keep creating more and more interesting symbols for you!


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